Those of you still enjoying Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions , that awesome PSP remake of the greatest strat/RPG ever, have The Ivalice Alliance to thank. They're the Square-Enix team that are responsible for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance , Final Fantasy XII , and Vagrant Story , and it seems the latter PS1 classic may get the remake treatment.

According to a recent 1Up interview with some key Square-Enix members, including Ivalice Executive Producer Akitoshi Kawazu, it seems very possible that Vagrant Story may end up on the PSP at some point. It was a direct question, and while Kawazu didn't really confirm anything, and did admit it would be a significant challenge, he did say one of the best PS1 titles ever was a "natural candidate" for PSP Remake Land. Here's his reply-

"Vagrant Story was a title that pushed the PS one to its limits. The technical hurdles in porting it to the PSP would be extremely high. Of course, I think it's the next natural candidate for such an update, and there's no denying its extreme popularity overseas."

No, there's no denying its popularity; we RPG fans here in the U.S. can vouch for that. Granted, we think it certainly would be a more challenging remake project for the PSP – as compared to FFT – but hey, if we can't trust in the Ivalice Alliance, who can we trust?

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