We knew Square-Enix was preparing a Star Ocean remake for the PSP, but we haven't heard anything new about this project since the announcement. But thanks to a few translated scans from the latest Famitsu issue, we've got a couple updates for you…and both are good news for handheld owners and RPG fans.

They list a release date for this remake, and while it's only the Japanese release, at least it's a good sign: Star Ocean PSP will arrive in the land of the Rising Sun on December 27. So while they won't exactly hit the holiday rush, it'll still be a very big title for the PSP this year, and should help to spur sales of Sony's handheld in Japan. We're also thinking we might see the game come stateside during the first quarter of 2008…although it hasn't been confirmed the US will receive this particular title.

And there's one final bit of good news: Sony and Square-Enix are teaming up to release a Star Ocean PSP bundle, which should also hit Japanese store shelves before the year is out. So of course, the big question is, will other regions also get this bundle (provided we get the game, of course)? Sometimes, it takes a while for the RPGs to start flowing on certain platforms, but the PSP is gettin' ready to churn 'em out!

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