We haven't heard much concerning Hot Shots Golf 5 for the PS3 this fall – although it's still on track for October, as far as we know – but there's plenty of HSG PSP news. After releasing a bunch of GPS-based Hot Shots titles for Sony's handheld, Sony and Clap Hanz are prepared to give us a real sequel: Hot Shots Golf Portable 2 .

The game is currently in development and will boast 20 total characters (including 10 from the original), and 12 courses (6 from the original). And of course, you can expect plenty of character customization as well. Sony is upping the ante by allowing the player to customize any given character with up to 350 different parts! This will even include personal pets that will follow you around the golf course…presumably, they don't play a practical purpose, but you never know. You might have expected a lot of this so far, but there's one very important feature that you might not have anticipated…

Sony and Clap Hanz are going to enable online access for Hot Shots Portable 2 . That's right, up to 16 players will be able to compete in online tournaments, although that only includes Japan for now. The game is only confirmed for Japan at this time (loosely scheduled for December), but it's more than likely a US/PAL announcement will soon follow. Let's face it, with this new online feature, Hot Shots Portable 2 is primed to appeal to many a PSP owner.

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