I had to put aside writing my Monster Hunter 2 PSP review when I came across this. RPG fanatic and well known GameFAQs walkthrough writer Kouli has stumbled across images of the finale of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the PSP. Crisis Core, as we all should know, is the prequel to FFVII. What's so important about these images? Well, they depict images of the original FFVII intro.

But the screenshots of the intro look very close to the CG cutscene that Square-Enix showed off on the PS3 back in 2005 as a tech-demo. It is the very same presentation responsible for the Final Fantasy VII remake rumors that have been rampant, despite S-E claiming that it isn't happening (sure, it isn't).

Well, in any case. What's the big deal? The big-deal is that just like the PS3 tech-demo, the video in Crisis Core also cuts off as soon as Cloud jumps off the train. The difference is that at the end of the video, the image reads: "to be continued in Final Fantasy VII." Now at this point, Square-Enix is doing nothing more than just stabbing at my heart and poking an old bear with a stick.

Seeing as how FFVII cannot be purchased anywhere, and videogame stores do not carry PSOne games anymore, it's essentially confirming the remake of FFVII for the PlayStation 3. That is to say, we damn well hope it is. Otherwise, I might just end up breaking down.

Upon close inspection, you can notice that the same details found in the PS3 tech-demo aren't the same as what can be seen in the Crisis Core video. So the chance of this being a hoax is fairly slim, albeit still possible.

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