Too often, European gamers are the last to receive a hot new video game. But on rare occasions, they beat out the U.S. and claim one of the most anticipated titles before Americans ever see it…such is the case with the upcoming Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War for the PSP.

Today, Square-Enix has announced that this excellent remake will hit PAL territories on October 5, which ought to make strat/RPG fans across the pond very, very excited.

"The Lion War is a masterpiece for a handheld system," said John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square-Enix. "Despite being portable, this is still the same epic Final Fantasy experience that the series is famous for with stunning graphics, classic storytelling and a beautiful score. Fans of the Final Fantasy series are in for a treat this October."

If you didn't know, this classic game is considered to be one of the best of the genre – if not the best – and utilizes the nearly flawless Job system. FFT features 22 different jobs with over 400 unique abilities, so there's always something to learn and something to try. You will recruit all kinds of characters, and this remake will feature some new ones, like Balthier from Final Fantasy XII . You will also be able to compete and play cooperatively via wireless connection, and that's another advantage the original title didn't have.

So, Euro gamers, happy now? You should be. Fans here in the U.S. have to wait beyond October 5, that's for sure.

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