It's easily one of the most popular PSP games to date, and probably because of that, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 already has some great content available for download.

So when you get the chance, head on over to the Options menu and pick up the first of several planned extra quests. There are two new adventures awaiting you: "Crabs and Monkeys" and "Challenge Quest 1," and both of them will certainly add a great deal to an already solid experience. On top of that, there are five new items on there, too, and that includes the likes of Piggie Fashions: Angel Leotard. Heck, in this new generation, we're all about the downloadable extras and options, right?

Normally, when a game gets this much attention – even if most of that attention is from Japan – we can expect to see this kind of downloadable content. On the other hand, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 has another leg up on the competition- it's exactly the kind of game that could always use cool extra stuff.

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