Without any doubt, the two God of War titles to date have been a couple of the most impressive and entertaining action productions in gaming history. But more are on the way, and next up is the highly anticipated God of War: Chains of Olympus for the PSP. We've heard bits and pieces of info about this one, but now, thanks to a Sony e-mail sent to Loot Ninja, we've got a lot more-

"God of War is a mix of cool elements that together make up an amazing franchise. From the story elements to the visceral combat, from the challenge to the epic visuals, it immerses the player into a world they want to keep coming back to. We keep this all in mind when creating any God of War level, such as the Cave of Eos in God of War: Chains of Olympus. In this level, the player is introduced to Eos, the Goddess of Dawn. She will reveal events of the story that will lead you further in your quest, but getting to her is no easy task. You will have to defeat a multitude of enemies to progress, one of which is a new take on a God of War classic, the blood-lusting Minotaur. The rewards awaiting you are a new magic granted by Eos that adds to the vast array of mechanics Kratos already possesses. But to advance to the end of the level, Kratos will have to prove himself by using his new abilities to solve a challenge so deadly it could have only been created by the Gods of Olympus."

Eos, huh? Well, that certainly sounds interesting. Kratos is a bad-ass himself, but we can always use new characters in the series, and it appears she will play a major role in the upcoming handheld title. Perhaps we'll hear more about Chains of Olympus at this month's Tokyo Game Show, but for now, this update will suffice.

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