Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is set to unleash an official press release regarding European PSP launch details in the next day or two. But we pestered our contacts within the company and they passed along the pertinent information now to get us out of their hair.

Sony's popular handheld, which has already been released to wide acclaim in Japan, North America, and Asia, will go on sale in the U.K. and Europe on September 1, 2005 for the suggested retail price of 249 Euros (that's 169 UK Pounds).

Like the North American launch, the system will only be made available in a Value Package that includes the system, a 32MB Memory Stick, AC adapter, foam carrying case, wrist strap, headphones, and a sampler UMD disc containing video clips, music clips, and movie trailers.

The UMD movie, Spider-Man 2, will not be packed in with the package, as it was in North America, but will be made available as a registration incentive to people who buy a PSP and register it on Sony's web site.

We'll bring you a full game launch list when SCEE issues the official press release later this week.

Good news, but 249 Euros?! That's approximately $324 US, which is roughly 20% more expensive than the system retails for in Japan and North America.

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