Let's face it- most online petitions don't have their intended impact. However, Capcom isn't ignoring the fans on the issue of a Resident Evil entry for the PSP, and that's good news for owners of Sony's handheld.

The petition in question reads-

"We, PSP (Playstation Portable) owners would like Capcom to release to our beloved handheld game console at least one of the games from there famous survivor/horror franchise: Resident Evil.
We are also aware of the fact, that there is already a PSP version of the first Resident Evil game on the PSN (Playstation Network) but because of the lack of PS3 systems we cannot purchase this game.
Seeing the history of Resident Evil games on Playstation consoles, we can guarantee you, that the game will be a success. Hope that this and the abundance of signatures that will come is enough to finally take a step and make our dreams come true."

And as it turns out, a Capcom representative has contacted the author of this petition, and said for "real results to be seen," they would need to amass over 10,000 total signatures. The official recorded statement from PSPFanboy says-

"As we plan for future games the team will definitely consider the fans and specifically your petition. It does have impact. Keep me updated on the number of signatures. If you get over 10,000 that will draw significant attention."

…does this mean Square-Enix will also take notice of that Final Fantasy VII remake petition ? Because that bad boy is already approaching 20,000 signatures. Let's hope they're as in-tune to the fans as Capcom; we'll keep an eye on both petitions, that's for sure.

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