We learned about the new PSP redesign at E3, but could more changes be in store for Sony's handheld? According to a recent U.S. Patent Application discovered by PS3Fanboy, yes, there are.

This application shows off a somewhat bizarre scheme for connectivity between the PS2 Dual Shock (or Sixaxis) controller and the PSP. The wording in the application says a "control docking unit" will "facilitate use of one or more controls provided on the control docking unit." In other words, this means you could connect a PS2 or PS3 controller to the PSP for play on the portable. This system would utilize a "wired or wireless communication link," and that indicates that both the DS and Sixaxis could be compatible, here.

However, many times we've seen patents filed, and it doesn't always mean the idea will become a reality. Filing the application simply gives Sony the opportunity to attempt something like this in the future – providing a legal blueprint, so-to-speak – but even so, we'll make sure to check for more information. We already know the new PSP can connect directly to your TV for play, but this is a whole other deal…could it really happen?

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