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PlayStation Now is Adding PS2 Games

If you’re craving the opportunity to play that old PS2 game you love, but don’t have anymore, there is a chance that PlayStation Now might have what you’re looking for soon. The monthly subscription service that allows you to stream games through your PS4 or PC has recently begun adding PS2 games to the library.

Recently, PlayStation Now has been adding more and more to their library, from PS4 titles to some mega-hits from the PS2 days. The PS2 games currently on the roster include Ape Escape 2, Dark Cloud 2 and Hot Shots Tennis.

If you are unsure about whether PlayStation Now is for you, you can always check it out with a free seven-day trial. New games are added every month and there may be that game you’ve been itching to play in their sizable list. Something important to know is that this subscription service is separate from their PlayStation Plus subscription.

We will keep you updated as new games are added.

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