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PlayStation Lays Out More Details About India Hero Project

PlayStation has laid out more info on its recently established India Hero Project, an off-shoot of its 2016 China Hero Project. In the end, the main goal is to bring more diverse games to the PlayStation 5.

As reported by IGN, third-party business lead Hector Fernandez and program manager Sujith Sukumaran spoke with the outlet’s Japan division, seeking updates on the whole matter and what we can expect. From the sounds of it, the project will offer not only financial aid, but also mentorship and training.

Similarly to the China Hero Project, PlayStation hopes to boost up game developers in India and bring their games to the console, especially as the gaming market in India is booming, standing tall at 500 million gamers in the country as of 2021. It also can satiate those on the console looking for new experiences.

What do you think? Is this PlayStation actually looking for interesting indies to help up or a wise business tactic with no soul behind it? Let us know below!

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