Playstation E3 Experience

Announced yesterday on the Playstation Blog, Sony is having the Playstation E3 Experience in theaters for the fifth year in row. With this event you can watch the Sony E3 conference in a theater for free. The Sony conference is set to air Monday June 11th and short of actually going to E3, this is the next best thing if you can find a theater near you.

To get your tickets you may want to clear your chores for the day. Last year was a bear to get tickets thanks to the website that crashed when they went on “sale”. But, hopefully they ironed out the kinks for this time. You can get the tickets on June 5th at 11 AM PDT.

As I mentioned it’s a “be there or be square” kind of thing. Tickets go pretty fast depending on what venue you’re going for. But you can still get in even if you can’t snag a ticket. If you show up at the venue there might be some people that don’t show up.

Check out the Playstation Blog post to see if there is a venue near you and get some more details about the event. Also, keep an eye here on this post or the Playstation Blog post for the link to get the tickets when it becomes available.

I went last year and it was pretty fun. Watching the Sony conference with a crowd of people with similar interests was quite enjoyable. If you can make it I’d recomend it. Plus you get some physical and digital goodies to go along with the experience. Be sure to mark your calenders!