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PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic is Coming Out Soon

Sony has announced it’ll be releasing a mini, retro PlayStation, similar to what Nintendo has done in the past. This pint-sized PlayStation will be 45% the size of its original model and will boast twenty pre-loaded games like Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Jumping Flash, and other classic titles.

You will receive two pre-DualShock controllers for your experience. The release date will be on December 3 this year and will be priced at $99.99.

Do you plan on getting this retro system?

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Benny Wilkinson
Benny Wilkinson
5 years ago

I’m interested in seeing how the games look (and exactly what games are on it). Early 3D games were very basic visually, and running them in HD through emulators produces some very mixed results, with crisp polygons but blurry textures and HUD content. There’s a reason this nostalgia wave has currently focused on the 2D era while the 3D ones only tend to reappear as remasters.

5 years ago

That makes sense, i tried my PS1 & PS2 games on my HDTV years ago and was surprised at how bad they looked. However i am one of those people that own a Sony Trinitron Semi-HDTV and was smart enough to keep it all these years, and it has paid off big time with all my old consoles. I have yet to pick up any of these mini preloaded consoles but want to see what they look like on both of my TVs.

5 years ago

Thinking about getting one of these, but not sure yet.

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