Scheduled release date:
Fall 2004
Release Date:
Jan 1 1900 12:00AM

One of the most anticipated games of this year's show wasn't shown to the general public, but we were able to get a private look, and some hands on time with the game. That game was Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, the latest game in the Bond series from EA, and while we only had 20 minutes with it, there's no doubt that it's going to be a huge hit.

While the game hasn't been announced for very long, the team, comprised of hand picked talent has been hard at work on the game for well over a year now, and their work has really paid off. Goldeneye, while not a direct sequel to the famed Nintendo 64 game, shares many of the same features that made the original so great. For starters, the game looks to have a great story – you are agent 006, a disgraced MI-6 agent who has now found employment through the nefarious Goldfinger. Dr. No is responsible for your "Goldeneye" but as the game goes on, the upgradeable eye becomes more of a blessing than a curse. Along the way you will meet bond villains like Oddjob and Xenia Onnatop, and lots of bond babes, like Pussy Galore. The full cast of characters has yet to be revealed, but there will no doubt be some pleasant surprises when they are.Rogue Agent is a first person shooter that feels quite a bit like the original Goldeneye. Obviously there are big differences, such as your ability to carry and fire two guns at once. While you would think that two guns at once would lead to you blazing through levels, that's not the case. The game's AI is top-notch and is designed to take cover and it will even learn and adapt to your fighting tactics. There are also lots of destroyable elements in each level, and the AI takes these areas into account. For example, a bad guy may be hiding behind an opaque glass wall, which you can shoot out, causing him to scramble for new cover, which leaves him vulnerable for a few seconds.

The game is still at least six months away, but it already looks great. When completed, it is supposed to run at a steady 60fps, and it's already pretty close to achieving that goal. The character model look fantastic, and it's amazing to see how accurately they were able to model some of them like Goldfinger. It's creepy how realistic he looks in the game's trailer.

The game will support multi-player, and they are hoping to have it online enabled for both the PS2 and the Xbox. I thought the demo was great, and the only issue I had was that I felt the aiming system was a little loose, which made it tough to be precise. Watch for the game this holiday season, and start saving up your pennies now – you WILL want to own this game.

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13 years ago

this james bond is great played it got stuck on a level but either way it has great graphics game play its a must try for ps2 gamers