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What with the world right now, it’s been a bit weird when it comes to gaming news. Events have been canceled left and right and it’s seeming less and less likely Sony will be going about revealing any PS5 information during an event. Now, it seems some of the biggest news will come via the Official PlayStation Magazine.

In the last issue of the long-running PlayStation-focused magazine, they confirmed one of the main points they’re going to touch on in the upcoming July issue will be revealing games coming to the PS5. This comes from the Twitter user, Tidux, who shared a tweet.

If this is true and all of it is in the up-and-up, this will mark a huge point for the console, officially calling out games we can expect to be coming out for the next-gen console. The magazine’s plan also lines up fairly well with their leading competitor, Xbox, claiming there’s “not too much of a wait” left before we start seeing what games are coming to their next-generation console.

With that said, it’s hard to say if OPM has the ability to get ahold of any exclusive knowledge of launch titles or PS5 exclusives. Despite holding the name, the Official PlayStation Magazine isn’t done by PlayStation themselves, but rather Future plc. Future owns and operates several consistent magazines including Edge, PC Gamer, Official Xbox Magazine, and more. They also operate several sites like GamesRadar, Kotaku UK, Gizmodo UK, and more.

It will be interesting, though, to see what they have in store for their readers, after all, they can’t just recite the same information others have reported on. The issue will be available for purchase on June 2 as a physical magazine, though, you can get it digitally earlier.

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