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Official Gran Turismo 7 Racing Wheel Priced At $700

Fanatec is offering up a new peripheral for all those Gran Turismo fans out there waiting for Gran Turismo 7 next year. The Gran Turismo DD Pro is a steering wheel bundled with the company’s Direct Drive technology, supposedly making your movements more precise. The price is predictably one that only the most hardcore GT fans would shell out, like the ones who play competitively. The wheel catches a minimum of $699.95 and going all the way to $969.85 for its Premium Bundle.

Aesthetically speaking, the steering wheel boasts a speed-indicating LED light at the top with a white OLED for extra info. It also includes the norms, including the average PlayStation button presets.

Pre-orders haven’t started yet, but in an obvious bid to get the most out of it, you can begin to pre-order Fanatec’s steering wheel starting November 26 and arrive in March, right on time for Gran Turismo 7. 

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