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PlayStation Plus Essential

October 2022’s Free PlayStation Plus Essential Games Revealed

PlayStation has revealed over on their blog what subscribers can expect from their PlayStation Plus Essential subscription next month. On Wednesday, they revealed the new free games for the month and they’re pretty standard fare. This time around, there isn’t a PS5 only game, but rather one that is claimable on both current and previous-gen.

Hot Wheels Unleashed — PS4/PS5

This month’s PlayStation Plus Essential games have the Milestone racing game, Hot Wheels Unleashed, as the PS5 title. This game lets you collect, build, and race with custom cars in a distinctly Hot Wheels setting, making it feel like you’re not just playing a game, but rather back with the toy cars you no doubt collected as a kid.

Injustice 2 — PS4

Injustice 2 is playing second fiddle with Hot Wheels Unleashed. This NetherRealm fighting game takes the “why fix what isn’t broken” route and keeps the fighting in the forefront even when story is present. Play as your favorite DC hero or villain and find out who would win in a fight — Joker vs. Green Arrow.

Superhot — PS4

Take control of time in Superhot Team’s Superhot, a first-person venture where you must strategize as time only movies when you do. Don’t let its minimalistic looks fool you. PSX Extreme’s Christopher D. Anderson called it the “most innovative shooter” he’s ever played and — in our 2017 review — called it a “short but sweet and well worth the trip into this virtual world.”

We can get ready to download this new lineup on October 4. And of course, this is your last six days to swipe up last month’s free games, which were Need for Speed Heat and Granblue Fantasy: Versus for the PS4 and Toem for the PS5.

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