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The Last of Us Factions

No, The Last Of Us PS5 Multiplayer Project Isn’t Dead

All’s been pretty quiet in terms of The Last of Us Factions, Naughty Dog’s multiplayer project, since things got shaken up after a look-over by Bungie until now. The game is slated to be the Cali-based studio’s most ambitious project to date.

Game director Vinit Agarwal took to Twitter, after not posting since the end of August, to offer up a small update packaged into him declaring that he won Super Mario Wonder. So, apparently, there is a small team heading the charge of Factions.

We don’t know the number of people working on the scaled-back project, but we can assume it’s a very tight-knit team with Agarwal overseeing. We also caution people to taper their expectations as this is all speculation until Naughty Dog itself comes forward to either re-announce the project or drop some new information.

What do you think? Do you hope this marks production revamping? Do you even actually want a multiplayer set in The Last of Us universe? Let us know below!

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