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CD Projekt Red

No, Sony Isn’t Buying CD Projekt Red

Over the weekend, rumors spiraled that Sony was in talks with CD Projekt Red about acquiring the Polish studio. While Sony could definitely swing such an acquisition, it’s simply not happening.

This isn’t insider info but rather directly from the horse’s mouth. CDPR’s Ola Sondej responded to a tweet dismissing the rumor itself as something that is possible but not happening. She simply stated that the company is not in any sort of talks with Sony about such an acquisition.

It’s a weird rumor to start, as it’s quite the shakeup should it actually occur. CD Projekt Red is a publicly traded developer, plus the whole Cyberpunk 2077 debacle wouldn’t just get dropped and forgiven so easily. Sure, CDPR’s open-world dystopia was delisted from PSN for almost seven months, but that might still be a bit light.

There’s doubt Sony would want anything to do with the Polish developer directly after twisting its refund policy to give money back to dissatisfied Cyberpunk customers.

Sure, Sony is certainly able to enter talks with a good chunk of developers, but CDPR seems more like a developer that will forever remain outside of a console maker’s influence.

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