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Next Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part To Include “Even More Freedom” In Combat

The next entry in the trilogy of Final Fantasy 7 remakes obviously in the works as we speak, but as expected, it will also push more beyond what Rebirth provided with — apparently — more freedom in combat.

In an edition of Inside Square Enix, staff of the studio touched on what’s next for the FF7 remake line following the launch of Rebirth. According to Automation Media, battle director Teruki Endo discussed the next game and how he aims to provide “even more freedom” in combat.

Shintaro Takai, the game’s art director, notes that he’s already working on the next entry and he and his team are giving it their all to make the game even more detailed. Game director Naoki Hamaguchi, meanwhile, asserts that he is making sure the game provides a different game experience to what we got from Remake and Rebirth.

What do you think? Are you interested in what Square Enix has heading our way? Let us know below!

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