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New “Worst Game Of The Year” Was Developed In A Year

Skull Island: Rise of Kong has been making headlines as a new contender for the “worst game of the year,” and apparently, it’s only been in development for a year. Gollum’s foyer into the gaming space led to abysmal reviews and scarily low critic scores.

IguanaBee developers spoke with TheVerge to clear the air and assure everyone that the studio is talented but was put in a bad spot. GameMill Entertainment supposedly only gave the developer a year to make the game from nothing. A former employee also said how it would often be frustratingly not told all the information about the project.

This unreasonable deadline of a single year is what made IguanaBee suffer so much, while some devs can handle such a feat, it has to be done properly with existing material, but in Skull Island’s case, anywhere from two to 20 people were working at a time.

What do you think? Is Skull Island: Rise of Kong the new worst game of the year? Do you feel bad for the developer? Let us know below!

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