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New DualSense Colors Reportedly In-Bound

We all want to see Sony give fans alternative colors to the PS5, but they seem disinterested in doing so to the points third-parties have to do it themselves. Even if it’s not quite successful. Well, it appears as though the DualSense controllers are another story – if this report is true.

Spanish-language entertainment publication, Areajugones, is reporting that Sony will offer up alternative DualSense colors. The publication isn’t highly reputable, but they are known for PS Plus leaks, so it might hold some weight.

The reported colors will be red and white and black and gray. The latter of the two colors is the most believable and no doubt would be happening down the line anyway. That said, we should have some caution as this is just a report from a publication who cites no sources or evidence, but often times, that’s the case for some of the biggest stories.

What do you think? Do you want to see alternative colors to the DualSense? Tell us below!

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