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Metal Gear Solid Capped At 30fps On PS4, PS5 Master Collection

Metal Gear Solid, the first in the trilogy, will be the only one of the three parts of the Master Collection locked at 30fps across the board. Konami previously told media — like IGN — that its trilogy targets 1080p 60fps, though, we suppose it never fully went all-in saying it all targets that resolution and frame rate.

The publisher shared an image detailing its resolution and frame rate on the official website. The other two entries in the Master Collection target what most people were expecting. There are some caveats, though. Some variables, like too many special effects, may stall the frames a bit, which points to a possibility that while it’s targeting 30fps, that doesn’t mean it’s all too stable.

Hopefully, it’ll be a stable 30fps, considering the hot debate about frame rates, a topic we’re sure most any gamer is very familiar with.

What do you think? Are you concerned with this cap? Let us know below!

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