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Silent hill 2 remake

Konami Slashes Pyramid Head “Special Origin Story” Rumor

Konami has slashed a rumor that alleges Silent Hill 2’s remake will feature a “special origin story” for the fan-favorite villain Pyramid Head. It’s hard to understand how this significant oversight made its way to the retailer’s site, but that’s beside the point.

Eurogamer reported on the rumor, taking note that it was only Best Buy who used the “special origin story” line. Come the following day, Konami reached out to stomp the rumor out, saying the retailer provided “incorrect information.” The line has since been wiped from the live page.

We don’t know when the Silent Hill 2 remake will drop, but considering the influx of retailers going live with pages, many speculate some news to come on this “poison chalice” during The Game Awards next month.

What do you think? Did you fall for the origin story rumor? Did you suspect something was up? Let us know below!

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