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Hideo Kojima’s first game within Kojima Productions, Death Stranding, was labeled a financial success, even with the mixed reviews, but no he doesn’t have Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid rights. During an interview with Livedoor News (translated by Gematsu), he divulged that they are working on another project. In true Kojima fashion, though, details remain hidden as he says it’s in the “planning stages.”

This led him to also mention that a big project “fell apart,” while he couldn’t elaborate on that, he did stamp out recent rumors surrounding him, Silent Hills, and MGS. Rumors began spiraling that he acquired the rights to two of the most beloved IPs he created while working at Konami. It was a huge blow to MGS and Silent Hill, which was working on Silent Hills at the time, after his departure, which many fans felt was never the same. Sadly, though, he doesn’t hold the rights.

“Ah, that’s completely false. I haven’t heard anything about it at least (laughs).”

There you have it, the rumor has been squashed. Sadly, it’s unlikely we’ll see the revival of the Silent Hill game franchise with Konami denying reboot rumors earlier this year, but echoing that the series is still alive in their eyes. Nevertheless, we’ll never see another Kojima-led Silent Hill or MGS game again.

What do you think? Are you disappointed Kojima Productions won’t be a part of future Silent Hill games? Are you excited for their next project? Tell us below!

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