Kill It With Fire

Casey Donnellan Games and tinyBuild are bringing the first-person extermination sim, Kill It With Fire, to more than just PC next month. Launched on Steam back in August 2020, you are tasked with killing the pests lurking in the house, namely a bunch of spiders.

Touted as “mankind’s most ancient and deadly nemesis,” per the game’s official description, you must use the game’s “realistic” fire system to exterminate the eight different types of spiders that lurk in the common household. Though you don’t just have to use fire, you have many tactics at your disposal including firearms, throwing stars, the triad and true method of crushing it with objects, and more.

Kill It With Fire hits the PlayStation Store among other digital marketplaces on March 4.

What do you think? Are you going to pick up this spider-killing simulator? Tell us below!

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