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Project 007

James Bond Owner Didn’t Want Another Game Until IO Pitched Project 007

We still know very little about Project 007, but now we know that rights holder Eon Productions wasn’t privy to another James Bond game until IO Interactive. We can’t really blame them since the last game based on the IP — 2012’s 007 Legends — flopped really hard.

Speaking with Edge Magazine (via GamesRadar), IO co-owners Hakan Abrak and Christian Elverdam laid out its vision for Project 007. Elverdam explained that they pitched the game to Eon, skewing toward being a stealth-action game, ala Hitman, where your focus is to be a spy and only engage in violence when absolutely necessary.

It is known though that the Bond found in IO’s title will be its own Bond, rather than inspired by any specific iteration of the spy icon.

What do you think? Are you excited about Project 007, or are you more concerned about what might come out? Let us know below!

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