Iron Spider

Earlier today James Stevenson, Community Director of Insomniac Games hopped on the Playstation Blog today to unveil the newest Spider-Man suit you can get by pre-ordering, the Iron Spider. Insomnica announced a release date earlier this month and at the same time revealed that you can get three Spidey suits by pre-ordering the game. Two of which were a mystery. Until today.

The suit is inspired by Spider-Man’s suit from Avengers: Infinity War and is called the Iron Spider. I have to say it looks pretty neat (it’s so shiny!). Check out the reveal:

On top of making Spider-Man look really cool, each suit also has a power associated with the suit. The Spider-Punk suit (revealed along with the release date) has Spider-Man use a guitar that does area damage. Insomniac didn’t give us info on the special power for the Iron Spider (for now) but since it’s so closely related to Infinity War, they might not want to spoil anything. Or they are just being very sly.

Spider-Man is shaping up to look really great and September 7th seems so far away. We’ll find out more info as the year goes by, including the last suit reveal in July. And you can bet we’ll be keeping an eye on it here as well. Stay tuned!

What do you think of the new Iron Spider suit?

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