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“I Have A Really Good Script,” Says BioShock Film Adaptation Director

With the release of his upcoming movie The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes hitting cinemas this Friday, director Francis Lawrence has offered an update on his upcoming film adaptation of the lauded 2K Games’ BioShock.

In a recent interview with GamesRadar, Lawrence provided an update on the project he is helming for Netflix, which seemed to have breathed life back into this anticipated adaptation. The film is written by Blade Runner 2049 and Logan scribe Michael Green, which Lawrence was happy to confirm is “a really good script.”

The film will closely follow the story of the 2007 original and aim to be as true as they can to the original story and vision of the game. Although the director has promised there will be “new little twists that will surprise fans.” So the film won’t just be a carbon copy of the game on the screen.

The film adaptation was previously stuck in development hell for what seemed like an eternity before the project moved to Netflix in 2022.  At the moment, this update is all we have to go on as there’s no upcoming release date in sight, as the film remains in pre-production at this moment.

“It’s good. I have a really good script. Oh, we have some new little bits in there, yes. I mean, the truth is it’s game one, so we’re being very true to a lot of it, right? So, we’re not breaking canon in any way. But we do have some new little twists that will surprise fans, but that all fit in. We have a really good script, I’m really excited about it.”
Excited for the upcoming Bioshock movie or worried it’ll become just another game adaptation for the trash heap? Let us know below!
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