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Hotline Miami Eyes Up A PS5 Version

It’s looking like Devolver Digital’s Hotline Miami is heading to the PlayStation 5. This 2012 indie game has jumped from generation to generation, first released to console on the PS3 and Vita before finding its home on the PS4. Its not-as-loved sequel — Hotline Miami: Wrong Number — is also getting a PS5 treatment.

So far, Devolver hasn’t announced it, but a page on the Trophy-focused Exophase has surfaced all but confirming its existence. These trophy leaks are often some of the most reliable leaks to go off of.

Without Devolver, Dennaton Games, or Abstraction Games uttering as much as a word, it’s hard to really grasp what all the new version could offer outside of new trophy set. It could feasibly make use of some of the PS5’s flagship features, but that’s neither here nor there.

What do you think? Would you buy Hotline Miami if it came to the PS5? Let us know below!

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