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Half Of Sony’s Live Service Games Have Been Delayed

Sony hasn’t been able to really get a foothold on the live service industry, leading to half of the company’s 12 live service games getting delayed. New expectations point to these postponed live service games releasing by 2025.

Sony CEO Hiroki Totoki revealed during a recent earnings call (via VGC) that its live service venture as it wants its games to be “enjoyed and liked by gamers for a long time.” Of course, live service games are a difficult beast to nail, as these sorts of games require constant upkeep and updates to keep players invested.

At this time, we don’t know if Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us multiplayer game or Guerrilla Games’ multiplayer Horizon game are part of this whole ordeal, but regardless, we at least know the former is still in development.

“We are reviewing this… we are trying as much as possible to ensure [these games] are enjoyed and liked by gamers for a long time. [Of] the 12 titles, six titles will be released by FY25 – that’s our current plan. [As for] the remaining six titles, we are still working on that. That’s the total number of live service and multiplayers titles [and] mid-to-long-term we want to [push] this kind of service and that’s the unchanged policy of the company. It’s not like we stick to certain titles, but game quality should be the most important [thing].”

What do you think? Are you burnt out from live service games like it seems most people are? Let us know below!

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