Gravity Well

Founded by former Respawn Entertainment and Infinity Ward staffers, Drew McCoy and Jon Shiring, Gravity Well aims to go against much of the industry woes. Crunch time and good compensation are a huge part of their model. One model that’s going to make or break the studio, though, is its office. Unlike most studios, they’re currently working as a “remote-native” studio at least until the pandemic’s over. This doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for people to work remotely and keep them even after the outbreak subsides.

As it’s only recently started, they’re actively looking for people to fill various roles remotely including game design, writing, and more. No projects have been announced just yet, but we can probably expect something once they get into the swing of things.

Drew McCoy

While many developers aim to air on the side of caution with projects, it seems like McCoy and Shirling have other ideas.

“We aren’t satisfied with the low level of creative risk that gets project funding these days. We want to explore bold new ideas exclusively for next-gen hardware and PCs.”

It’s going to be interesting to see how Gravity Well fares. With their anti-crunch mentality, they’re sure to be a studio worth keeping an eye on. In regards to its remote model, though, that can be a huge risk. Working remotely takes a lot of trust, especially in a medium that’s built around slowly trickling information to fans until they can’t wait for a game’s release.

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