GhostWire Tokyo

Despite a lacking appearance during Gamescom this year, Sony did make sure to keep the hype train going with a compilation trailer for several upcoming games. Two games, however, stood out as their anticipated release date was never cited. Both GhostWire: Tokyo and Gran Turismo 7 are only “in-development” as opposed to the speculated release date of sometime next year.

This could be nothing and fans are looking too deep into it, but with no confirmation or denial, fans are only left to anticipate it to be true. Usually, when a game’s release date isn’t shown it’s because it’s not gonna hit that mark as expected. Now, in fairness, they may just not want to get peoples’ hopes up, especially since the two games in question never gave a specified release date, just that would be in 2022.

What do you think? Are you interested in either GhostWire: Tokyo or Gran Turismo 7? Tell us below!

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