Elden Ring

Well, that wasn’t quite expected, after starving fans for a whole year, FromSoftware has revived Elden Ring even if to remind people of its existence. Literally nothing new was shared – no footage, no story, no storyboards, no teaser, nothing.

It’s nice the studio at least gave it some acknowledgment. In the tweet, the studio was thanking fans for the enthusiasm for the yet-to-release IP. FromSoftware also notes it hopes you look forward to it.

Developed by Dark Souls dev, FromSoftware in tandem with A Song of Ice and Fire writer, George R.R. Martin penning the background and world around it, Elden Ring was revealed during E3 2019 as a dark fantasy RPG. After the reveal, the game went fairly silent on the matter with almost every event the studio held focused on other projects in the works.

The quietness left fans rightfully disgruntled, so this note may seem meaningless, which it still kind of is, but the fact FromSoft mentioned it, to begin with, tells fans the studio isn’t abandoning the game entirely. Maybe we’ll see a reveal in 2021, who knows, only time will tell.

What do you think? Do you think this is a sign FromSoft is teasing something? Tell us below!

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2 years ago

I definitely want to see more of this, hopefully everything turns out well and they don’t end up scrapping it.