As of late, developer and publisher, DotEmu, has been riding high on their latest releases like Streets of Rage 4, Windjammers, and more. Now, it seems they have a new parent as Focus Home Interactive, known for the Vampyr series, announces their acquisition of the company.

Announced Thursday, the developer was acquired by Focus Home purchasing a 77.5 percent share in the company for €38.5 million (about $45,281,390). On top of that payment, the parent sets its sights on paying an extra €15 million ($17,641,425) if DotEmu hits performance and revenue goals.

Christophe Nobileau, CEO of Focus Home, calls the acquisition a key step to accelerate their growth and diversification. He also touted this is also opening up a new revenue stream for the Vampyr dev.

“The arrival of DotEmu marks a key step in the acceleration of the group’s growth and in the diversification of its expertise. By enriching our editorial line, we are opening up a new revenue stream and market shares to conquer in a fast-growing sector.”

Cyrille Imbert, CEO of DotEmu, called joining forces with Focus Home an “obvious choice” as both companies share a passion for games.

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