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Firesprite’s TBA PS5 Exclusive Horror May Release In 2025

Firesprite’s unannounced horror game may release in 2025, which means odds are we’ll see some sort of reveal sometime next year. This title will be incredibly notable as Sony doesn’t typically dabble in the horror genre. 

In a now-edited resume on Artstation (via ResetEra), now-Sumo Digital employee, Agnes Hvalstad, a concept artist who previously worked on this TBA horror game, cited 2025 as the year. Now, considering she edited it to 2023, it could’ve very well meant the end of her contract with the PlayStation Studios studio.

Considering Sony’s been scarce when it comes to this exclusive, we could easily just be looking for the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel info, but regardless, here’s hoping this isn’t something to scoff at.

What do you think? Do you want to see more of Firesprite’s horror exclusive? Let us know below!

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