PSX Extreme's
2005 Reader Awards

Who says the awards season drags on too long? We've only managed
to draw it out a week! To bring our yearly awards to a close we turn the floor
over to you, the reader. We asked for your top PS2 and PSP games of 2005, and
proving that great minds think alike, you mostly agreed with our selections.
Without further ado, let's see what your favorite games from last year were.

PS2 Game of the Year:
God of War (SCEA)
PSX Extreme Review Score: 9.1

It wasn't unanimous by any means, but for the most part the
members of our forum agreed that God of War was the best game of 2005. Here's
what they had to say about David Jaffe's masterpiece:

Ryan H: God of War was easily the best PS2 game to come
out this year, one of the best action games ever made and one of the best PS2
games of all time. The combination of stunning graphics, compelling music and
exciting combat and puzzle solving gameplay, set in the world of ancient,
mythological Greece, created a unique and amazing experience that has set a new
benchmark for action-adventure games.

Voice: Most definitely the best PS2 game I played all
year has to be God of War. It was like Prince of Persia on steroids….and
despite all the whoop-da-dee-doo surrounding GTA:San Andreas and its hidden sex
game….God Of War had one that wasn't hidden….and no one even MENTIONED IT!!!
Aside from that, the controls are spot on, the graphics are some of the best
I've seen on any system, and you just feel like an all around BADASS playing
that game.

Linkin Park 47: You know, I only played the hydra level of
God of War (came in a demo) and I am already ready to say that it is the game of
the year. It was so flipping smooth and well done! I am going to buy the game

Mista: God of War does deserve that honor on EVERY GAME

Resident Evil 4

PSX Extreme Review Score: (Not Yet Reviewed)

2nd Runner-up
Burnout Revenge

PSX Extreme Review Score: 9.3

PSP Game of the Year:
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

PSX Extreme Review Score: 8.9

Lumines (Ubisoft)

PSX Extreme Review Score: 8.9

2nd Runner-up
Burnout Legends (Electronic Arts)

PSX Extreme
Review Score: 9.0


So that's it. Our best and worst games of 2005 feature is now
complete. Thanks to everyone that voted, sent emails, and discussed the awards
in our forums. We're looking forward to a big year from Sony, not only with the
release of the PS3, but we're anxious to see what second-gen PSP games are
capable of as well. The PS2's final year in the spotlight should be a good one
too, if games like Black and Final Fantasy XII have anything to say about it.
Goodnight and goodbye!

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