Wait…it's December already?! That doesn't seem possible, but I suppose the calendar doesn't lie. Oh well, onwards…

New York Times: hope you're proud of yourselves

Oh, good job. What is supposed to be the best newspaper in the world can't even get simple facts straight. This is exactly the kind of thing that drives me absolutely insane, because I can guarantee so many obvious mistakes wouldn't have been missed had the article been about any other entertainment industry. Why? Because the Times, like most all newspapers, still refuses to give video games the attention they deserve, and it's downright irritating. Heck, I'm almost inclined to believe they did it on purpose, just to take a little jab at the industry. It's a well-known fact the elitists with their noses in the air have never accepted gaming as a legitimate form of art or entertainment, which is why music, movies, books and just about anything else gets treated with more respect. As someone who used to write for newspapers, let me tell you this- the quality of writing is definitely on the decline, the biasness is ever on the rise, and clear agendas are visible in most of the largest newspapers on earth. They're not even capable of delivering news without a slanted view, which is the one cardinal sin of reporting news .

And now, the Times does something like this, and as far as I'm concerned, it's just another slap in the face. I'm pretty sick and tired of it.

Killzone 2 beta? I want IN

So SCEA and Guerilla say we can expect the Killzone 2 beta to arrive next year , which is definitely good news. I was part of the Warhawk demo and that was loads of fun, but this one is going to be even more interesting. After all, we're talking about one of the most anticipated titles of the generation, and we're all itching to get a close look at an early build. Personally, I just want to see how much of their claims are even remotely accurate, and I think I'd get a sense of that with the beta. From what I've seen in screenshots and trailers, it certainly looks amazing (yes, better than Halo 3 , which I wasn't all that impressed with, anyway), but I wanna see it for myself! I'm wondering how many people Guerilla plans to include in this beta, and I'm also wondering if it will be closed or public… Either way, I want my invitation. This is one beta that absolutely cannot be missed, and I will drop everything to give it a shot. Well, maybe not everything , but let's just say it will be a primary focus of mine when it arrives.

GameSpot…because I'm supposed to talk about it

Yeah, well, I already did. Go ahead and read my editorial .

Personal gaming update

Okay, so I completed Assassin's Creed …at least, I think I did. I saw the credits at a very bizarre time, then got dumped back in the exact same spot I left. I can't seem to do anything else, so I'm going to have to look up the details on GameFAQs or something. Now that it's complete, I've gone back to playing a little Warhawk (latest round- 21 kills, 3 deaths; buncha ribbons) before starting on Mass Effect . I'll start that gem this week, and I'm glad I got done with reviewing Kane & Lynch: Dead Men before I really dove into that epic RPG. I'm pretty much done buying games this year as I hope to get a bunch of games for Christmas: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune , The Orange Box , Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare , Beautiful Katamari and Unreal Tournament 3 are all on there. Even if I only get a few of them, that's something. Gift cards can help to take care of the rest. 😉

Oh, and I saw Beowulf (3D) tonight. I thought it was pretty good; very entertaining.

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