Don't listen to him! FFVII is still coming

This week may have been a little grueling to those Final Fantasy
VII fans who have been eagerly anticipating the re-make of the
game for the PlayStation 3. Tetsuya Nomura went on record to
bluntly state that the remake of Final Fantasy VII will not be
coming, despite various claims that have leaked out from personnel
close to Square-Enix (SE). Some weeks ago I had mentioned that
the pieces are also fitting, as SE seems to be laying down the
foundation for the remake of FFVII by releasing a number of FFVII
prequels in order to keep the game fresh in our minds. They say
there's one more 20th anniversary Final Fantasy announcement
remaining before the end of the year, and that makes you think.

Most importantly, if there's one thing I could tell you is that
you shouldn't listen to Tetsuya Nomura. Why? Well, this is the
same man who first told us that Final Fantasy VII: Advent
Children will just be a 30 minute film, a montage of sorts. He
then told us it'd be 60 minutes. The final movie ended up being 1
hour and 25 minutes. Then he told us that there will be no
revised version of Kingdom Hearts 2 (a 'Final Mix'), because they
had included absolutely everything in the original. That wasn't
true. Kingdom Hearts 2 would later see a re-release that featured
a ton of extra content, and a movie that is believed to indicate
Kingdom Hearts 3.

As you can see, the guy is known to deny frequently. So why would
he deny the existence of the Final Fantasy VII remake? In order
to protect Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Final Fantasy VII:
Before Crisis both for the PSP. You don't want to announce the
release of such a high profile game before the other games
related to it are out – you'll end up hurting their sales. People
will end up forgetting about the two prequels and the hype of the
main game will overshadow them. So it makes sense that SE would
possibly announce the remake at the end of the year, it'd give
the two prequels a considerable amount of sales time, meanwhile
still maintaining momentum.

Resistance is Futile

So yesterday's news from the Church of England wanting to sue
Sony for a scene in Resistance where dozens of aliens get shot up
in a cathedral made me laugh. If Sony where to film a movie in
that cathedral, then they'd need to ask for permission. But
they're re-creating a virtual rendition of the church, which
makes it no different than a writer describing that very same
scene in a book. Does a writer come under fire if he were to
write something to that nature? No. Videogames are a virtual
art-form of storytelling (in most cases), and Resistance is no
different than most sci-fi books out there.

Considering how crazy some governments are, I have no
expectations if this case goes to trial. By all means, I sure as
hell hope that the Church loses and this case is never brought up
again. The potential danger behind this case is that I pray it
doesn't pick up any more media attention than it already has, and
that pompous jerkoffs like Jack Thompson stay away from it. I
wonder when videogames will finally stop catching hell? If we're
really that anal about violence and the footage we expose our
children to, how about we take a look at newspapers and news on
the television.

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