Kutaragi Axed

Last week I hinted that Kutaragi was likely going to get replaced and axed, and this past week it occurred. Okay, so maybe I knew, but
still…it isn't surprising. This change now allows Kaz Hirai to
take over the role and act as the primary figure in the
PlayStation world, and that's a good thing. Much like Phil
Harrison, Kaz Hirai is another very powerful figure for SCE who
is able to lead exceptionally well.

It's a little cringe inducing to have read those comments from
both Kutaragi and Stringer when the announcement occurred. I
mean, if you know the history between them, you know that
everything they're saying is through their teeth. None of those
words have any grain of enthusiasm behind them, it's all
hyperbole nonsense. Kutaragi isn't "happy", he's
pissed. And Stringer may admire Kutaragi's abilities, but he's
certainly thrilled to have him out of his hair.

Sigma Slash

So the demo for Ninja Gaiden Sigma finally dropped this Thursday,
and it's pretty awesome. After watching all of those comparison
videos of the PS3 game and the Xbox original, my anticipation
climbed from 'want' to 'must have now!' The game is quick and
ridiculously responsive. Being redesigned and redeveloped from
the ground up means that the two games share almost nothing in
common, aside from the story. I'll be putting together a hands on
preview of it very shortly, so look for it.

Call of Duty 4

The new Call of Duty game looks pretty amazing doesn't it? If you
haven't seen it yet, go find the trailer and be amazed. We'll be
posting a bunch of screens from the trailer very soon, but the
game is better seen through video. It looks to be more in the
vein of Tom Clancy games, so the whole World War II theme is
finally out. Speaking off WWII, let's hope that more franchises
start taking the route of developing original FPS war games, and
not just slapping on the WWII theme. We've been running with WWII
shooters since the PlayStation era, how many WWII games can we
possibly have? Enough is enough, the theme needs to just end.


Has anybody noticed that 3rd party developers are now announcing
that they'll be bringing over their Xbox 360 titles over to the
PS3? Kane & Lynch will be arriving on the PS3 simultaneously
with the other versions, which indicates that SCi has been
working on a PS3 version since day one. Likewise, the same goes
for Crossfire. On top of that, War Devil has also been announced
to appear on the PlayStation 3. These kinds of announcements bode
very well for Sony, as publishers are finally realizing the
amount of potential behind the PS3. Perhaps Sony is finally
warming up their 3rd party, which they should've done from the
get go.

In the Cell

Like Ben mentioned in his column, it's extremely important to
Sony to hear input from developers in regards to the potential of
the Cell processor. Originally touted as just more of Sony's
hyperbole, with developers coming out of the wood work and
discovering the power of the chip, the future seems to be looking
brighter and brighter for the PlayStation 3. But these words will
not translate to more sales for Sony, as your everyday gamer
isn't very likely to be reading news articles or weekly
columns…but instead searching for cheats and guides. What will
translate into sales is when we start seeing the newest wave of
PS3 games in action. And if they're noticeably better than what
the competition has to offer, then we've got many special things
to look forward to. Hopefully EA's words of 'needing' the Cell in
order to develop some of their games are true, and hopefully that
translates to one amazing visual experience. Make it happen!

Thank Goodness it's Thursday!

Is it me, or is anybody else finding Thursdays to be the best day
of the week for gaming? While the PlayStation Network updates
aren't always full of homerun hits, more often than not, we do
get some pretty solid free content. Demos of Ninja Gaiden Sigma
and Virtua Tennis 3 should make many out there very happy gamers.
Last week's update that enabled the PS3 to play downloadable
PSOne games was awesome, as well. On top of that, SCEA claims
that content for the PlayStation Network will soon get better and
better every week. Consider me excited.

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