Last week Sony had a showcase for Paris Games week and there were a ton of trailers to watch and get excited about. One in particular managed to garner some attention more than others though. Maybe not in a good way either.

Naughty Dog’s trailer for the upcoming The Last of Us II was pretty brutal. We had arrows through faces, hammers in heads, and worst of all we got to watch a girl get her arms beat and broken with a hammer. Youch!

It’s not the content that’s the problem. At least not directly. It’s more about where it was shown. I personally have been watching horror movies and gore for a very long time. In my home or the theater. Without my children. So it wasn’t what was going on that raised my eyebrows so much as the venue it was shown.

Paris Games Week is a very public event. Not only are there a ton of people already there but the showcase was also available to watch online by rest of the world as well. I suppose there have been plenty of events that have shown m rated material but should there be a line? Should I worry about watching E3 or Paris Games Week around my children?

When they showed the trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 at E3 I almost changed it. That monkey has a mouth on him. Days Gone had a pretty violent trailer as well. Detroit: Become Human was a little iffy. Even though they didn’t show things directly it was dark.

I realize adult games are made for adults and that’s fine. It’s not the content. It’s the accessibility that should at least raise a few questions.

What do you think? Did Naughty Dog go too far with their trailer? Or is it no big deal? Should we be concerned about a younger audience seeing some of this stuff?