In 2014 a little horror demo was shown at E3 called P.T. Also known as Playable Teaser. And it was a demo that you could download as soon as they announced it. The demo had you wandering through a creepy, super realistic, hallway (several times over with different effects) trying to solve puzzles and discover what secrets were hiding in the demo. Along with all that you were trying to avoid a creepy ghost.

The online community pulled together to figure out the fairly difficult puzzles and find all the secrets. It wasn’t too long before it was discovered that P.T. was actually a teaser for a new Silent Hill game, dubbed Silent Hills, and was helmed by none other then Hideo Kojima and Guilermo Del Toro. The Silent Hill fanbase proceded to lose it’s collective mind with excitement. A new Silent Hill game was coming!

Of course it wasn’t too much longer after that Konami decided to stomp on the hearts of many gamers and pull the plug on the very promising project. Ever since, players have been clamoring for something that could have been. Especially Silent Hill fans.

Thankfully a few developors have stepped up the particularly daunting task of filling that gap left behind. As a huge Silent Hill series fan myself, I’m happy to see people at least trying to achieve that goal. We have had a need for a quality Silent Hill game for some time. Silent Hills had so much potential to bring back a series that was, quite frankly, lacking in quality as the series went on. It was taken away from us but the the two following games, Allison Road and Visage, show some promise. And they just might fill that Silent Hills void.

Allison Road

Allison Road popped up about a year after Silent Hills bit the big one and was called a spiritual successor to P.T. The gameplay is very similar to P.T. and has you looking around your townhouse trying to discover the mystery of your past and the house itself. There is a lot of interactivity with objects and some subtle, yet terrifying interactions with the spirit haunting the house.

This game almost followed suit along with Silent Hills and was announced as being canceled after things didn’t work out with publisher Team17. Before that Allison Road started out as a kickstarter that was later canceled when they switched to a publisher. At that time Allison Road was no more. But last year, creator Chris Kesler announced that Allison Road was being revived. Although in smaller, albeit more refined, scope. The game is now being developed by their new company Far From Home which consists of Kesler himself and his wife.

I’m glad to see that this didn’t die off completely. The announcement of Allison Road hit news shortly after Silent Hills was canceled. And since it was being toted as an homage to the P.T. demo It was a bit of a kick you while your down kind of situation when it was canceled as well. Based on the gameplay video Allison Road might fill that void that P.T. left in our hearts.

The gameplay is very similar to P.T. except that you are exploring a whole house instead of a hallway. As the protagonist you will be trying to figure out puzzles or looking for certain objects. In the demo things start out pretty quiet. In fact nothing really major happens until the last bit of the video which works. You will find yourself on edge for most of the time even though nothing is happening. At the end you can see some pretty major influences from Silent Hill.