E3 was pretty good this year. There were several good announcements (even with all the leaks) and conferences. I have to say though, at the risk of sounding like a Sony fanboy (I kind of am), they killed it at the Sony conference. Probably one of the best shows they have put on for E3. It was chock full of games and nothing else. Which is great news for us Playstation fans. With that said, here are my top 8 moments from E3 listed more or less on my level of excitement. May or may not include a non Playstation entry. So watch out.

8. Resident Evil 7

What started out as a typical creepy game turned out to be a genuine surprise. Or maybe I’ve just been out of the loop or something. Either way I was pretty shocked when they revealed the Resident Evil 7 title. And definitely interested. I fall into the category of gamers that fell away from the series after about RE3. The series just kind of got away from the horror elements that I loved about the earlier games. But thanks to their new trailer as well as the demo (try it out if you haven’t already), I’m actually a bit more interested to play. It looks promising and it looks like Resident Evil is going to back to being scary.