Yes indeed, the time has come. We're all set to unveil the PS3, and as we go hands-on today, throughout the weekend, and into next week, we'll continually update you on our progress. We're going to tackle everything from hardware to software to multimedia functionality to online…so if you want the low-down, you had best stay tuned for all the top-notch coverage.

But first off, here's our PS3 and the purchases that went along with it- Resistance: Fall of Man , Ridge Racer 7 , Call of Duty 3 , extra wireless Sixaxis controller, and (not pictured) the one-year EB warranty…a whopping $60, but we figured it was worth it.

How pretty…but let's open 'er up…

The PS3 box comes with a handy-dandy handle, which is something you're gonna use, considering its significant heft. And if you hadn't already heard, the cases for PS3 games are a different shape than you're used to; more square-ish than rectangle, so they may sit funny in your DVD holder. But anyway, let's break this baby open.

Here's exactly what comes in the box.

As you've probably already heard, the first 500,000 PS3s shipped (or are going to ship; they certainly haven't come anywhere near that number yet) contain the Blu-Ray movie, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Those other things you see are- the users and instruction manuals, a wireless Sixaxis controller, A/V cables, power cord, USB controller cord, and Ethernet cable.

Everything's packaged in there very nicely, and the PS3 itself was as comfy as can be centered and suspended in the center of the box with cardboard constraints and a soft liner. Break open the seal, and you're only seconds away from playing…that's just the way we like it.

Make sure to check back as we dive into this bad boy!

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13 years ago

I thought I'd leave a comment for fun. PS3 FTW 11/17/2008

13 years ago

second that 😛