Playing Battlefield: Hardline now. Review coming ASAP this week.

Titanfall 2 for PS4…I figured as much and I don't care

If you have a functioning brain and you know anything about this industry, you knew the next Titanfall effort would be multiplatform.

So, most people just shrugged their shoulders when the official word came down the pike. By the time the game arrives, even Microsoft couldn't pay enough to make up for the sales EA would lose by not putting the game on multiple platforms. So yeah, we all saw this coming. But really, I'm having difficulty caring about the project.

Firstly, after playing some of Titanfall last year, I was only mildly impressed. I like the spin they put on multiplayer and the graphics are nifty but aside from that, it was just another shooter. I understand that Respawn Entertainment tried to shake things up a little but they didn't go anywhere near far enough, as far as I'm concerned. And if they don't have a campaign in the sequel, I won't go near it. That's a personal thing, though; I imagine many would be anticipating a fantastic multiplayer experience. Sounds to me like Respawn isn't all that interested in making a more robust solo adventure, and that's okay. There's no reason for them to be interested; the overwhelming majority of shooter fans today simply don't care.

Bloodborne is sounding more and more intimidating

Well, at least it can't get delayed anymore: Bloodborne has gone gold , so it's cleared for takeoff in the US on March 24.

And while I really hope it'll be the PS4 exclusive that system desperately needs, I'm no masochist. It's sounding more and more like the game will require at least some semblance of a masochistic mentality. Hey, I loved that launch trailer but when you hear things like this , you have to hesitate, don't you? If the freakin' creators can't finish a challenging mode, that speaks to the game's immense difficulty, does it not? I fully understand the sense of satisfaction that goes along with conquering a stiff task. I get it. I'm just wondering if this game will only cater to a very select few due to its inherently restrictive nature.

Not everyone who plays video games these days is into such experiences. In fact, I think only a very tiny minority will be able to beat Bloodborne . …there are a lot of mobile "gamers" out there these days, don't forget.

Personal gaming update

As I said above, I'm working my way through Hardline . Due to the embargo, I really can't say anything about it, but I will say it's a definite twist on the standard Battlefield formula. So much so that I wonder if core FPS fans will even like it… Anyway, I've got that to deal with and then, if I can manage to struggle through, there's Bloodborne the week after. I wish I had time to go through the DmC Definitive Edition but I really don't. I haven't even restarted Grand Theft Auto V yet, which I've been wanting to do for months. Oh, and if you're looking for a wicked entertaining and challenging co-op-centric game, you gotta try Helldivers .

And don't forget about Mortal Kombat X next month!