October is here, which means the big games are just around the corner…

If some Japanese developers can learn, why can't others?

To me, it's plain that at least some Japanese designers have figured things out. Those involved in the creation of survival/horror games have gotten that genre back on track, have they not?

Between The Evil Within and Silent Hills , it's clear to me that developers have either A. listened to the fans, who have been screaming about an overabundance of action infecting the genre for years, or B. have realized on their own that such a genre should be maintained, not bastardized. Then again, maybe it's both. Either way, when I read that great statement from Shinji Mikami, it told me everything I needed to know: Survival/horror was back. Hideo Kojima, the man who has called out the Japanese industry several times over, is also part of the new Japanese horror binge, and he only knows how to produce quality.

So, if these guys can learn what needs to be done, why can't others? Top-tier devs like Mikami know the fans want the genre they've come to know and love, and they have no interest in changing the genre. They have an interest in bettering the genre, of course, but that is not the same thing. For example, if the most prominent element of a game is action, it's an action game, first and foremost. That's exactly what Final Fantasy XV looks like and that's why the long-time fans hate it. To reiterate, it has absolutely nothing to do with the death of turn-based. Rather, it has everything to do with a role-playing series becoming something else.

So, what are we thinking? Gran Turismo 7 and a next-gen God of War?

The hot rumor is that Sony will unveil two AAA PlayStation 4 exclusives in "early December." Supposedly, these are "big-budget" games, so we can rule out downloadable or indie titles.

I'm sort of hoping it's Guerrilla's new game, but I think it might be more likely that we'll see new entries in the Gran Turismo and God of War franchises. Two things: First, GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi was quoted numerous times as saying the next franchise installment isn't that far off. About a year ago, he said it was only "one or two years away," which is why many thought GT7 might actually launch this holiday season. Second, God of War has always been a system-selling IP for Sony, and they'll want a GoW title early on in the new PS4 generation. Sony Santa Monica has hinted at an all-new story arc – presumably, one without Kratos – but we haven't heard much from that team for a while .

Then again, maybe one or both of these mystery titles is a brand new IP…

Personal gaming update

I played a lot of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor , which is really a fun game. It's definitely one of the most entertaining titles of 2014 and I'm glad it came out so well. I've always liked the "Lord of the Rings" universe but I've never gravitated toward any of the games. This is the first one I definitely like, maybe because it is indeed very similar to Assassin's Creed . The Batman influence seems pretty clear, too.

I also finished Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition and now I'm going through it on Hard. I just want to max out my Crusader and then I'll be done. Next up for me is Driveclub and Alien: Isolation ; I've got very high hopes for both, although I hear Isolation isn't all it was cracked up to be. Will we ever get a AAA Alien game? 'sigh' It makes me miss the Jaguar.

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6 years ago

Oh Diablo… My wife and I have sunk so many hours into that game. The loot piñata is terribly hard to stop thwacking.

Glad to see Shadow of Mordor has been so well received around these parts. If I can ever find a copy of it around town (it's sold out everywhere!), I'll be sure to pick it up.

Now, about Destiny….

6 years ago

My PS3 had a stroke when I tried unsuccessfully to delete some corrupt data. I lost everything.

I'm reinstalling and redownloading everything and trying to get back to where I was within my immediate backlog. It was unbelievable. Then to top it all off a disc got stuck in there tonight. I was astounded to learn there's a manual crank in the system to crank the disc out.

Other than that, having fun with Arcania (now that I'm back to where I was when the crash happened). What a hidden gem of an open world fantasy game. It saddens me that stuff like this gets overlooked just because the production values aren't as high as Dragon Age or Witcher when at its basic levels and with some charm it's the same if you have a little imagination and an open mind.

Banky A
Banky A
6 years ago

Wow brother that is the worst.

It happened to me from a different reason before but all I lost was 400gb game downloads and a couple un-uploaded PS Vita game saves.

Please tell me you uploaded your saves to PS+ for the saves that you had prior starting subscription.

6 years ago


6 years ago

I never thought they all lost their way. Its obvious they make what they want to make, and don't care about what the Westerners want. That sounds more than fair to me.

Square Enix is probably the worst offender on the list to me. Today, I almost bought Lightning Returns as a joke. Its already 10$ new at my Walmart. HILARIOUS.

With Bloodborne being released instead of Demons Souls 2, I would think its obvious Sony wants to be original. GOW4? How would they even continue that? They have literally done EVERYTHING in the greek mythos. Dream big for a 4th one, because unless its a reboot they are going to be switching the mythos into a different thing. Personally, Chinese mythos would be something I'd be interested in seeing. I do believe they are either both new IPs, or one is and the other is gt7.

Metro, Naruto, Civ5, DS2, and FFXHD. I played more of Civ 5 than anything else, since I sit at my desk and play it on my tv so not to disturb my lady. I started buying Christmas presents and it hit me today that I want absolutely nothing. I have everything I want, and the games I want, I have already taken care of. It sucks being older because 5 years ago, I could had listed out hundreds of things I want but now its like "nah its just a waste of money"

I participated in that Sony childrens hospital donation thing. My 23 platinums raised about 200$ which is completely awesome. Last I saw, it was up to about 1.7m dollars raised. The number one platinums went to some blonde girl. I was attempting to plat FFXHD, but the thunderbolts…How i did that before I will never know. My patience runs out quickly the more I mess it up. Reaching 220 and losing is…its a terrible feeling.

Off gaming topic but, I watched "Horns" with harry potter (Daniel Radcliff or however its spelt) and it was extremely weird in the beginning, interesting in the middle, and back to being weird in the end. I'd recommend it to any other movie watchers on here. And lastly, I have to thank COD Advanced Warfare for the lemonaide mountain dew. Its probably the best soda I have ever had. And I rarely drink soda but its got me hooked. I could win an xbox one as well, that'd be nice so I could go trade it in and preorder some ps4 games I don't really want.

6 years ago

I take issue with your first statement.

6 years ago

PGU: Just about to dive back into Shadow of Mordor. So far I've only died once, but the 2 warchiefs that are left right now are both immune to stealth attacks so it's not going to be a cakewalk by any means.
So far my favourite moment was diving into a mob of orcs riding a Caragor, realizing there was a captain in there a second later, then promptly having my Caragor eat him.

Even though I'm still relatively early in the game I was reminded that Civilization Beyond Earth is coming soon. So I'll probably preorder that next time I'm out and hope it is more than just Civ 5 with a fresh coat of paint.

I still have some grinding for bounties and I only have half my inventory with lv 70 legendaries in Diablo, but eventually I'll finish getting the platinum for it. That will bring me up to either 6 or 7 platinums.

I'm surprised you're just now moving up to hard. I played my entire hardcore character on hard. I tried moving up to Torrent 1 to farm legendaries, but the amount of time it takes to kill anything gets kind of annoying.

6 years ago

That being said hopefully Capcom (Resident Evil) can learn from Evil Within and Silent Hills and SquareEnix can learn from other RPGs developers that have stuck with their roots.

PGU: Playing Dark Souls 2's DLC and playing Gran Turismo as well. That's what I'll be playing until Far Cry 4 releases next month.I want to challenge myself and play The Last of US Remastered in the hardest difficulty, but with school into the equation, it's easier to play something I am familiar with.

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6 years ago

wont be GOW.
$SM just moved studios, not to mention half the studio got laid off recently as well!
not to mention they had 2 teams one was working on a destiny rip off, which got canned causing all the firings, and corys game which hes said multiple times wont be announced till E3 2015 at the earliest.
not to mention they just released GOWA only a year and a half ago, i cant see that being anywhere near enough time for them to build up a new engine for ps4 and get something ready to be shown.
and this is SM, there not going to do a ND and take their heavily used ps3 engine and retool that, thats just not good enough they will have to take on some new crazy tech.
cant wait to see zipper 2.0, lets see some true HD uber realistically detailed intestines!

as for GT7 seriously doubt it as well.
kaz is a perfectionist, not to mention his definition of "soon" has always turned out to 4 years down the track!
if they chuck a GT5 and give us a small amount of tracks, and very few HD cars leave most as still ps2 models, then yea easily could be announced and released within the next year.
but that aint going to satisfy the fans, the standards for racing sims has stepped up signifficantly in the past years with forza, dirt, and now even new IPs like project cars.
GT7 REALLY needs to come out and put the kids in their places, remind them who created this genre.
otherwise they seriously risk falling to the wayside and becoming the new resident evil.
theve massively disappointed their fans FAR too many times, its only a matter of time till they loose faith and stop wasting their time………

id guess more along the lines of games we already know about but havent seen much of yet.
uncharted 4 HAS to be one, i mean come on it was announced at the ps4s launch party and ND have always had big shows at the VGAs, its a no brainier the world premier of uncharted 4 will be there!
as for the second game, who knows.
maybe will FINALLY see what $ony bends been working on?
nah they just started hiring some senior staff recently so it seems like thats still in pre production sadly.
maybe MM or QD are finally ready to come out of the closet?

all i know is 1` it better be something big, and 2 please for f*cks sake actually give us some f*cking gameplay!!!!!!!
really starting to get sick of this announce game with teaser trailer showing NOTHING, then stay silent for a whole year!
if your going to announce a game, do so by showing the dam thing!
not some mocked up teaser trailer which has as much to do with that game as it does a freaking nursery rhyme!
where here today to announce our new game by announcing, well, nothing!
when did this industry become the little sh*t outside the gym eating a ice cream teasing everyone inside?

isolations reviews are the perfect example why reviewers are full of sh*t!
there whining that the hide and seek gameplay gets really boring and repetitive after a while, and because your doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again the alien quickly looses its effectiveness.
sound familiar?
thats pretty much what happens in EVERY horror game as of late, especially outlast, so why is there no complaint of that in the outlast reviews?
hypocrite much?
im sorry but you cant mark one game down for something, then give every other game a flying pass.

another thing i hate about this industry, especially IGN they are the kings of overhyping something, then when it finally releases take massive dumps on it.
ryan was overhyping this game so much it wasnt funny, every preview he gave was screaming of his excitement and amazement of how engrossing the game is.
then in his review all of a sudden all thats gone, like its a brand new guy reviewing the game.
im sorry, how didnt you pickup the repetitiveness in those previews?
hell he did a preview only a few weeks ago of him playing the first 5 hours or so of the game and did not mention this ONCE!
pisses me off how they do that, ZOMFG ZOMFG THIS IS THE SECCOND COMING ZOMFG!!!!!!!!! then a game finally releases, eh its crap!

spent the past few weeks playing FC3 with my oculus VR, god that is one awesome game for VR!
even with the DK2 though with full HD display it still really illustrates why you really need a 2560×1440 display.
it still has really bad screen door effect, and it just does not look as smooth and crisp as what a monitor does.
VR, with your eyes so close to the screen to see EVERY imperfection like its under a microscope you REALLY need a UHD display!
and thats what really worries me, i can see VR going the way of motion controls and 3D, just simply because manufactures dont utilize it properly and cheap out.
VR IS the future of games, but im worried it wont be.
stick with 1080P display it certainly wont be, people have become a custom to beautifully crisp smooth displays for the past 10 years now, so why the hell would they go back!?
VR is like the electric car, better in EVERY way, but NO ONE is going to buy one when they can only drive such a short distance then have to wait 10 hours for a new fillup before they can drive again!
VR is the same, better in every way then what we have now, but if the screens going to look like someone rubbed sand in your eyes, then whos going to put up with that?
Please $ony, please oculus, please everyone DONT cheap out on VR, put in UHD displays just for the sake of technology, give it a chance to develop and grow dont shoot it in the foot like you do everything else!

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6 years ago

Destiny (help! cant stop)

6 years ago

*sets up intervention*

6 years ago

yeah i am glad to here shadow was well recieved and and that theres possibly some new games comin wether they are from excisting series like GoW or GT or the like or wether they are new IPs or series is the real question and so what they will be will be interesting to see for all gamers every where.

and for the survival/horror games getting back to their roots is also good to add diversity to the genres on offer in the market place

happy gaming

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