Recently some code popped up that gave a possible indication of Beyond: Two Souls coming to the PS4.

This news is due to a NeoGAF post that captured a programmer's portfolio which included the code for Beyond: Two Souls to work with the Dualshock 4. Soon after it was posted up it mysteriously vanished.

We know Sony isn't fussed about bringing late great PS3 games to PS4 such as The Last of Us . It's probably a good move too since so many PS4 owners are new console owners or converts from 360 and they never got to experience these gems.

Beyond is a little different though. Whether or not it was a gem seems to be highly subjective since the scores were so all over the place. It's hard to doubt the graphics in any case and it would look even better running on the PS4 for certain. What I'm most interested in is this code for the Dualshock 4.

My biggest problem with Beyond was that the controls were too simple. In fact they were so simple that they created confusion in more complex scenes. The control scheme was clearly made for people who don't play games as opposed to the approach in Heavy Rain where our actions on the controller mimic those done in the game. A change to PS4 could offer more than better graphics, with the touchpad at their disposal along with the rest of the controller they could retool the game to better connect with the gamer.

There's no telling if this would happen but it's fun to think about in case Beyond: Two Souls does get announced for PS4. If you think about it it just makes sense because the fact is this game didn't get the sales it deserved or needed and it probably does deserve to be brought to a bigger audience.

Do you want Beyond to come to PS4 or do you think these remakes are just too much and all Sony resources should be used on new games? If you do want to see a return what kind of improvements would you like to see? New scenes, new controls, cut content? Opinions welcome.