There's one heck of a sale going on this weekend.

Over the years we've seen PSN grow, thrive, and flourish. Sony has made the wise move of creating a Steam-esque roving discount set more recently. Part of that strategy has been to offer a number of non-PS Plus deals that sensible gamers simply cannot refuse in the form of flash sales.

We told you about the $1 deal earlier but I'd like to reiterate the awesomeness of it to raise the profile a tad. Not all the games are going to be up your alley but with so many different kinds of experiences, 30 total, I'm betting most of you can find something worth a buck.

I didn't think I'd want any of them even after reading the full list but I jumped on PSN today anyway and watched some trailers. I settled on Jurassic Park , Urban Trial Freestyle , and Tokyo Jungle (I couldn't resist after seeing a dog dressed in traditional robes conquering post-apocalyptic Tokyo).

I think we should support these sales whenever we can. Great fun for a buck and a shot at future sales? Yes please. I wouldn't mind picking up The Walking Dead for a buck one day.

Which of these games did you, are you, or might you be interested in playing? If you've already got them go ahead and give your friends an excuse to put up a dollar for the cause. Remember the sale only lasts this weekend.