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Fans Want Spider-Cube To Be Official

While we didn’t experience any wild glitches during our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 review, others have reported some big bugs, but this square bug, people wish, is official. Not gonna lie — if Insomniac Games did add this as an official suit, it would be quite the departure from the norm in the best way possible.

On social media, people began sharing “Spider-Cube,” a glitch that — as the name implies — turns the webslinger into a little white cube. Since it’s a glitch, the game runs the same, and since the internet’s the internet, it’s seen more as a silly little bug than something the community wants fixed. With the latest update, though, Insomniac thought the cube was done for.

Even though Insomniac believes the glitch is over, some are still spotting the Spider-Cube glitch even after the latest update. We’re sure the team will try again to rid the game of this bizarre yet amusing glitch in the next update.

What do you think? Would you be up for a Spider-Cube skin? Let us know below!

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